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Do a random act of kindness

This week Rohit Thukral reminisces with us about his #MyGivingStory as a young child during Diwali.

Rohit firmly believes that happiness lies in helping the people around us and not in the pursuit of money. He is deeply saddened in the misconception that many people hold - more money equals more happiness. He hopes that his story can help spark something in all of us to be a little more compassionate and spread kindness.

Rohit was a young 16-year-old boy enjoying the sights and sounds of Diwali - the festival of light. While he did see the light in children bursting crackers and adults having their own fun he also saw the oft-overlooked darkness - street dogs scared by the loud sounds of the crackers and the less fortunate people on the streets barely able to get a meal. This dichotomy of a festival that was supposed to bring joy and happiness to everyone really touched him and sparked something in him.

Young Rohit, immediately ran back to his house and broke open his piggy bank in which he had been saving money for a long time. He used this money to buy some food for the needy outside his house and the dogs. He went and fed them and spent time with them and learned of their troubles and lent them an ear. Young Rohit's act of generosity helped shape him as a human being. He was able to sympathize with the people around him, and that has stayed with him till today. We are really heartened by his selflessness and kindness towards not only his fellow humans but animals as well.

Rohit has an important message for all of us. Festivals, he says, are about spreading happiness. And no amount of bursting crackers (that only cause pollution) or buying new things will give you the satisfaction that helping people will. So go out and spread kindness among the less fortunate and put a smile on their faces!

Do a random act of kindness and create sparks of joy wherever you go!

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