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Do a random act of kindness

"Help me get a smokeless cookstove and let’s do our bit for a cleaner environment!"

This week, donate to help rural women get smokeless cookstoves (chulhas) and do your bit for their health and for a cleaner environment!

Tomorrow, 16th September, marks a very importantday - World Ozone Day. The protective layer around our planet that saves us from the harmful UV rays of the sun has now depleted and left us all exposed to the dangers of climate change. There is increasing evidence that many household energy solutions that are “clean” for health are also clean and beneficial for the environment. Clean-burning stoves can also reduce emissions of methane and carbon monoxide. This Tuesday, by donating to CHINAR, you can do your bit to help save the planet and improve the lives of tribal women too.

CHINAR, a GuideStar India Transparency Key certified NGO, works in remote villages of the Himalayan region. Women here still use wood-fired chullahsto cook food. This results in harmful smoke released in this otherwise pristine mountainous region and also poses serious health hazards for the women themselves. CHINAR wants to equip these tribal women with smokeless cooking equipment and YOU have the power to make this possible. So, this Tuesday, and on World Ozone Day save the planet and help these amazing women with your act of kindness!

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