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Do a random act of kindness

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Experience the Ease of Giving with GivingTuesday India's #Click2Give initiative!

Every week we share an idea to show your kindness to the people or community around you! We believe your action will help spread generosity to make a better world!
This Tuesday and EveryTuesday, experience the ease of giving with GivingTuesday India's #Click2Give initiative!...

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Every act of kindness makes you happy & keeps your heart healthy!

Today is #WorldHeartDay and it makes our heart sing with joy because #EveryTuesday we've been sharing ideas to do a random act of kindness!

So many of you share feedback with us about having experienced pure joy in performing little acts of kindness: smiling at 10 strangers, making tea...

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"Help me get a smokeless cookstove and let’s do our bit for a cleaner environment!"

"Help me get a smokeless cookstove and let’s do our bit for a cleaner environment!"

This week, donate to help rural women get smokeless cookstoves (chulhas) and do your bit for their health and for a cleaner environment!

Tomorrow, 16th September, marks a very...

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Start registering for the GivingTuesday India Generosity Run!

This is run is for Everyone with a generous heart to celebrate!

We are delighted to announce the GivingTuesday India Generosity Run to celebrate generosity on #GivingTuesdayIndia during #DaanUtsav. The run is a great opportunity for everyone to do their distance to collectively...

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Volunteer to teach English for one hour every week!

With Teacher's Day in India being just 4 days away, have you have been remembering your wonderful teachers and wanting to express gratitude for the gift of education?

One of the best things you could do to "pay it forward", would be to join this amazing online community of 1500+...

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Every act of giving has a story. What’s yours?

Giving is such a personal experience, and leaves us with such warm memories. Be it an impromptu act of kindness when you helped someone get ahead of you in a long queue, when you shared a meal with a stranger, paid for the takeway for the person behind you... or an incident that moved you so...

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Combine fitness for your body with goodness for your heart!


Donate Rs100 for every 1000 steps or every 1 km covered, EveryTuesday!

With substantially reduced physical movement, fitness is on everyone's already COVID-stressed mind.

In 7 Tuesdays from now, several Indians will...

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Participate guilt-free in webinars by giving back for a cause!

In all probability one thing that you have been doing since March 2020 is conducting or attending webinars! From speaking eloquently on your domain to learning new skills to teaching art, yoga, to playing games, having get-togethers and attending conferences. One thing that made webinars popular...

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Provide a nutritious meal to a hungry person!

Have you been reading several stories of goodness these days? People cooking meals for strangers, volunteering to teach English or being a mentor to an adolescent, mobilising smart phones for school kids to attend virtual classes, doing fundraisers to help their local community with groceries?...

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What will you be doing to show your compassion?

10 Tuesdays from now, Indians will engage in acts of generosity as a part of the global GivingTuesday movement! India observes GivingTuesday during the #DaanUtsav week from Oct 2-8.

What will you be doing to celebrate your compassion on GivingTuesdayIndia? If you start doing a bit from...

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ETASHA Society's Livelihood Restoration project

You can help someone generate income in these challenging times! Yes,

ETASHA Society's Livelihood Restoration project helps needy people generate income while manufacturing re-usable face masks that are much needed now. Their staff and trainees would be ensuring that 35 people produce...

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Husbands and housework!

Yes, we want you to think about it! What roles are husbands playing in different settings in these pandemic times? Beyond what you see in memes of husbands doing the dishes, cooking meals and mopping floors, husbands are taking on important roles in some homes due to the amazing work...

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