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Do a random act of kindness

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Hire talented disabled people with just a click!

250+ amazingly talented disabled people are just a click away! Get to know them today and hire them for your organisations/ events! The world is full of talented people who do wondrous things! People who make impressive visuals and graphics, people...
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This Makar Sankranti, donate food to the needy!

As you celebrate Makar Sankranti this week with delicious pongal, til ke laddoo, puran poli, makke ki roti and other delicacies from your region, spare a thought for the needy. Don't forget that #SharingIsCaring! Share some traditional food with the...
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This New Year, resolve to spead warmth every day!

One of the things we remember most from childhood is how grandma enjoyed knitting. She was always surrounded by colourful balls of yarn. And the most beautiful thing was that she never made anything for herself! A scarf for a friend, mittens for the...
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Express gratitude to people around you!

It’s been a difficult year, but aren’t you one of the luckier ones to be getting ready to welcome the new year? With just a few days to go until the end of the year, this Tuesday do an act of kindness and express gratitude. Donate warm clothes,...
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Express gratitude to your elders!

From playing the harmonium to reading us stories at bedtime, from helping us learn how to walk to teaching us about life's myriad things - our elders have always stood by us and helped us learn with a lot of love and care. From the time we are kids...
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Want to participate in the Bingo Kindness Challenge?

Want to participate in our kindness bingo challenge and complete all these random acts of kindness to express your gratitude to the people around you before 2020 ends! The first 5 people completing these following things will be invited to our...
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We are dedicating this month to YOU!

This Tuesday, join us in doing a random act of kindness - expressing gratitude. We give our heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful people who celebrated GivingTuesday India during DaanUtsav. You graciously and generously opened your hearts, homes...
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Help missing children get reunited with their families!

Have you wondered what causes young kids to hang around at railway stations? There are many children across India who run away from home for trivial reasons. Several children who are abandoned by their guardians and several go missing mysteriously....
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Spread kindness among the less fortunate and put a smile on their faces!

This week Rohit Thukral reminisces with us about his #MyGivingStory as a young child during Diwali. Rohit firmly believes that happiness lies in helping the people around us and not in the pursuit of money. He is deeply saddened in the...
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This Diwali, pick gifts that will double your happiness!

This Diwali, illuminate the lives of underprivileged artisans, craftspersons and other handicraft workers when you bring joy to your loved ones with the gift you pick thoughtfully! Diwali is a time of happiness and joy. We buy new clothes,...
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Help children learn not earn!

This Diwali season vanquish the evil of child labour and give Hasan and many other children like him the gift of education. Hasan, is without doubt a rising star. He lives with his parents and younger sister in one of the sprawling urban slums of...
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Feel thankful for the wonderful gifts in your life!

This Tuesday, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who made the #GivingTuesdayIndia message of generosity reach over 11.4 million people this year. We will never be able to count the millions who were reached through mass media, and those...
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