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Conserving the Biodiversity and Culture in the Himalaya

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 10:00
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 17:00
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An NGO/ foundation
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Awareness activity
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One can sponsor the programme as a co sponsor or give small donation to support the programme. Those who are unable to contribute can come as a visitor to experience the rich cultural and ecological heritage of the Himalaya

The Event will support

Conservation of biodiversity and culture of the Himalaya. It will help in promoting the traditional agriculture of the indigenous communities which are in the verge of decline. It will also help in reviving the culture of the area by promoting the cultural artists like bagpipers, choliya dancers and inspire the youths to conserve their traditions.
It will help in promoting the area as a tourist destination to promote ecological and cultural heritage of Himalaya and improve the livelihoods of the marginalized Himalayan communities.

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CHINAR (Central Himalayan Institute for Nature & Applied Research), member of FAO Mountain Partnership has been organizing IMD since 2017. This year CHINAR announces Cultural Fest on International Mountain Day Celebration to be organized on 10-11th of December 2018 in Liti village, Uttarakhand. The program is endorsed by Mountain Partnership of the United Nations http://www.fao.org/international-mountain-day/imd-around-the-world/en
To raise awareness about UN International Mountain Day
To raise awareness about MountainsMatter
To raise awareness and take pride about cultural and ecological/agro-biodiversity of mountains
To introduce sustainable livelihoods options
To sensitize mountain communities about impact of climate change and adaptation.
Proposed activities during the programme
Day 1: Open Conference on following theme
 Livelihoods options in the mountains (issues and opportunities)
 Climate Change Impact and Adaptation
 Conservation based Rural Tourism
Day 2: Cultural Fest: Celebration of Cultural and Ecological Heritage of Mountains
Cultural programmes
Folk dance competition: To promote local culture, folk dance competition between different villages and groups will be organized and the best group will be awarded cash/trophies.
Fun games for locals: games for local kids
Exhibition: Exhibition to demonstrate the cultural, biological and ecological heritage
Woollen Handicraft exhibition: Local handicraft’s like carpets, and woollen garments will be exhibited so this culture can be revived.
Bamboo handicrafts: Exhibition of traditional bamboo handicrafts like mats, baskets, etc., and modern designs in which they have been trained by CHINAR i.e., flower pots, lamp shades, fancy baskets, etc., will be exhibited to promote handicraft in the region. The handicrafts will be open for sale at the end of the day.
Agro-biodiversity: Exhibition of different traditional and horticulture crops grown in the region will be exhibited. Horticulture department and agriculture department will also be invited.