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Awareness Menstruation Menstrual Hygiene

Event start date and time
Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - 10:57
Event end date and time
Tuesday, December 31, 2019 - 12:57
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Uttam nagar
110059 Delhi , DL
28° 37' 26.9652" N, 77° 2' 12.1272" E
Delhi IN
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Piyush Roy
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An NGO/ foundation
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Piyush Roy
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Awareness activity
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Visit our center address
Social Education and Liberty Foundation
H.No.-5 Plot No -80 & 81,
Block-B Gulab Bagh, Uttam Nagar. (Near By Shri Sham Jeweller ) Delhi 110059
Pin Code-110059

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Sponsor By Snapdeal and ONGC

Event organiser name
Piyush Roy
Event description

. Apart from the Distribute free sanitary napkins drive and menstrual hygiene awareness campaign, Social Education and Liberty Foundation has been engaged in several other initiatives for social transformation. With this project sanitary napkins will be distributed to 3000 girls of various area cover in south-west district Delhi.

Target area

Slum, j j colony, unauthorize colonies, schools

No of beneficiaries cover

3000 girls

Project Area

South West District Delhi (rural area)

Result outcome (Programme Outline)

1. Awareness programme conducting the seminar.

2. The topic covers under seminar.

a) Menstruation is a monthly event in the life of women. Good hygiene during menstruation is a must for ensuring the good health of women. Lack of hygiene can lead to infections, which are often not treated and can lead to long-term consequences like Cervical Cancer. Use of clean absorbent materials like sanitary napkins is an essential part of maintaining hygiene during menstruation.

b) Many women in India, especially from urban slum areas, cannot afford the expenses of sanitary napkins. As a result, they tend to ignore the health consequences and run the risk of infections and diseases. This adversely affects poor women and pushes them further into poverty.

c) It is well known that people are suffering from many diseases mainly due to the unhygienic living atmosphere and living status. So, to reduce the spread of such diseases among the people the foremost step should be establishing a clean, hygienic living environment and status.

The Social Education and Liberty Foundation have a good number of volunteers and well-wishers in its targeted operational areas. These volunteers could be facilitated for publicity and awareness. Moreover, the teachers of various schools have often participated in different community meetings, functions, etc. So, they can be involved in publicity and awareness through these community meetings/functions. Publicity and awareness.

Project benefits

The project will have an impact on the health status of girls through improvement in the health status and personal hygiene of the girls as a result of using these pads

Social Impacts

1) Reducing the estimated 50% of girls who miss school due to their menses.

2) Empowering women and girls to take control of their bodies and initiating broader dialogue to eliminate stigma and shame.

3) Providing accessible childcare facilities to workers, encouraging mothers to join the enterprise