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Support Girl Education to face post covid situtation

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Friday, October 2, 2020 - 12:42
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Friday, April 30, 2021 - 12:42
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Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal
431731 Nanded , MH
18° 41' 31.3872" N, 77° 44' 6.6984" E
Maharashtra IN
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Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal
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An NGO/ foundation
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Sachin Yermalkar
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The total fees of one year is Rs.26,800/- bifurcation of which is as under:

Sr No.


Amount Rs.








Tuition Fees including ICT



Educational material



Health check up



Excursion and recreation



Total Rs.



Contribution from the inmate girls



Support requested for a Girl



However, due to the continuous drought like situation for the past many years due to the climate change, there is a considerable drop out of the girls from the school and the hostel.  Most of the parents are either agri labor or marginal farmer.  They could not afford to continue the education.  Girls are the first victim of the situation.  Every year, the number of girls is decreasing. 

We propose that, out of Rs.26,800/-, the inmate girls will bear Rs.12,000/- and we seek a support for the rest of the amount i.e. Rs.14,800/- per girl per year.  Priority will be given to the poorest of the poor families, drought affected, families of the suicide committed farmers, girls with bright career in studies, sports or any other hobby or skill.  SSM runs a school up to 12th Std.  We shall take care to support the girls even after 12th Std to continue their education of their choice.  We run a career guidance centre in the school which will help them to choose their suitable discipline. 

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As the area is predominantly drought prone and rainfed farming is the only source of livelihood of the people in the area, the parents are either not interested or reluctant or can not afford to continue their daughter’s education in case the village does not have a school after 7th Std.  There are many girls in each village facing the situation.  They not only loose their school and career but also they are deprived of playing in open space and enjoying revelry.  The illiterate girl when gets married in her adolescent age, the history repeats. 

Right from its inception, girl’s education always remained on top priority of SSM, rather it was the cause behind establishment.  Presently, there are about 4000 rural children of whom 40% are girls making the school one of the largest rural, residential schools in India.  Though the situation has considerably improved, there is a vast scope for further improvement.  Due to the government policy, there is a mushruming of schools even in the rural area.  But most of the schools lack quality. 

The school run by SSM spread over an area of 200 Acres has created a unique image in the parents.  Our school is recognized as the most reliable and safe residential schools for the girls.  Teachers, along-with their families reside in the campus. So, still, round the year, there is a continue flow and enquiries from the girls and their parents seeking admission in the hostel and school. 

SSM runs Anand Balgram accommodating 89 such deprived rural girls with good infrastructure and human resources, kitchen, safe drinking water facility, dining hall along with a toilet complex and a recreation centre.  Every care is taken towards the safety of the girls.  Normally, the inmate girls are from the villages that do not have schools after 5th or 7th Std in their respective villages. 

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Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal
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Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal is a village based educational institution est. in 1959 with a view to educate and empower the deprived rural people through activities in Education, Health, Women & Child Welfare and Natural Resource Development.  We are member of Credibility Alliance, following the norms insisting on good governance.  Please find us at www.ssmandal.net

The school is located in Nanded district on the borders of Maharashtra, Telangana  and Karnataka.  There is a sustained apathy from the government authorities in basic rural amenities like roads, transport and communication facilities.  As an impact of the Nizam regime, still the area ranks top in social evils like child marriages.  Even today, there are frequent cases of early marriage as the school girl get married after 10th or 12th Std, only because of lack of good residential schools and higher educational facilities for girls.  There are many villages with no school after 5th or 7th Std.  There are a few villages with High School and Junior College facilities however there is no regular public transport service from their respective villages to the schools convenient to their school timings.  So, they have to either walk, cycle or use auto rikshaw to reach the school.  Due to lack of reliable, regular affordable transportation facilities, unfortunately, the girls have to sacrifise their career and sit home taking care of their siblings.