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The Native people who are residing over generations in Kundrathur & St.Thomas Blocks, Kancheepuram & Chengalpet (chennai suburb districts) are from economically weaker backgrounds whose daily wages depend on unorganized work as these poor people couldn’t afford to study years back. Now, these low income earning people believe that providing quality education to their children will help them to overcome the suffering/struggles they are facing and education leads to better life & future for their children.

This led the parents’ heart to send their children to private schools even though it is hard for them to pay the fees, till primary classes they could afford to pay the fees but when their children go to secondary classes the fees amount increases and the parents find it difficult to pay the fees. On the other hand students who are from very poor families join in government school and these students can’t afford to buy basic school needs like Uniforms, bags, supportive materials like guide books, note books etc.,
With all struggles when a student completes his/her studies till higher secondary, they find it difficult to join colleges due to families’ economic conditions. So, after school education instead of going to colleges, they work at supermarkets,textile shops etc.,

WEEDS discovered this as a common issue happening among the native people of Kundrathur & St.Thomas Blocks - Kancheepuram & Chengalpet (chennai suburb districts). Because of this issue, currently there is an increase in school and college dropouts than before since from COVID-19 pandemic/economic recession. This situation is leading the low income families’ students to go to the jobs than continuing higher education.

So, to reduce dropouts and making students from low income families of Kundrathur & St.Thomas Blocks - Kancheepuram & Chengalpet (chennai suburb districts) to pursue education, WEEDS is taking up this issue as challenge to support and motivate the parents by paying their children school/ college partial fees. And, through this education scholarship Aid the students can be able to more focus on their education rather than in stress about their fees dues. And parents can be encouraged and would believe the better life for their children, moreover our education scholarship support will boost the low income families’ parents to educate their children.

So, this support will help students to continue their education without interruption.
We are not going to pay the full academic year fees but encouraging a low income family to move forward to overcome financial struggles by giving our hand/contribution for their children education. Our education support will motivate both the parents and students.

The support will help students of economically weaker families living in Kundrathur & St.Thomas Blocks - Kancheepuram & Chengalpet (chennai suburb districts), Tamilnadu State, India.

For the current academic year 2022 which has been already started, we surveyed and found 191 deserving students eligible to receive scholarship support to pursue education. Out of which, 32 students received the financial support so far and others are awaiting.

Starting from this academic year, all these deserving students from low income families will receive the support until they finish their higher education. It is going to be a continuous process and every year they will receive the support from kind donors like you.
Other than the low income families’ students, few students (dropped-out after High school and did not make it to college due to financial struggle) will be adopted and will be paid full tuition fees till they Finish College. There are 5 students identified in this list.

Sponsorship Components / Budget :

Sponsor a Private school children Education assistance          = Rs.5000 ( 1 Student)
Sponsor a Government school children Education assistance = Rs.2500 (1 Student)
Sponsor a college student Education assistance                      = Rs.7000 (1 Student)

List of Beneficiaries :

# Students from women headed families
#Disabled students
#Single Parent children
#Students who lost parents and living under Guardian support
#Students from Low income earning families

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December 31, 2022

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Friday, July 1, 2022 to Saturday, December 31, 2022
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Tamil Nadu
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