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Protect the Elderly from Coronavirus. Donate masks, handwash and soaps.

At 11 March media briefing, The WHO Director-General said: "WHO has been assessing this outbreak around the clock and we are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity and by the alarming levels of inaction. We have therefore made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.”According to worldometer calculations, the death rate for people aged 60 and above is the highest of about 32%. We should all be thinking about our elderly family members and relatives and do everything we can to protect them over the next few months.A 76 year old man died of COVID-19 in Karnataka -India's first COVID-19 fatality.With the right measure, of wearing a mask and washing hands regularly will prevent the transmission of this deadly virus. We must all aim to stop transmission and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Most importantly, our contributions can save many vulnerable lives. And like the WHO Director-General had said,“Let hope be the antidote to fear.Let solidarity be the antidote to blame.Let our shared humanity be the antidote to our shared threat" Note- Due to complete lockdown till 14th April, We are unable to deliver the products right away and some of our delivery vehicles are stuck. We are working with local governments and vendors to supply some items during the lockdown as well. Rest of the products will get delivered whenever lockdown is over.

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