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Organisation for Early Literacy Promotion

The Organisation for Early Literacy Promotion is committed to the vision of building strong foundations for reading, writing and learning within children and communities from non-literate, impoverished and marginalized societies. Library project is one of our many programmes and we are looking for support to run 5 community libraries in remote villages of Rajasthan to make libraries a part of the villages to promote reading habits in children. Please support our cause by donating and sharing our fundraiser. The unique feature of this programme is that these libraries are run very effectively by educated village daughter-in-laws or bahus. This programme has been implemented successfully in 5 villages. We find that they are doing a fine job as librarians, and their little libraries are vibrant. Involving them has also had positive fallout on other women and is beginning to draw them along with older girls out of the confines of the tradition bound patriarchal world that they exist in. As a result, many adolescent girls are attending the library and youth programmes. The libraries have generated a demand for starting women's' literacy centres and we have piloted four such centres. We believe that these libraries are building effective bridges between oral and literate worlds; between generations and most importantly have been effective in empowering women and girls. The funds will be utilized for 5 libraries over a period of 1 year towards paying rental, procuring books, admin and project management costs and events. We are grateful for your help!

Organisation for Early Literacy Promotion