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Millions of young girls are forced into early marriage as soon as or before they even reach puberty. This is followed by the expectation of childbirth, well before their bodies are ready to undergo such an ordeal. More so, these young girls are at high risk for domestic violence and sexual abuse. Add to that the burden of domestic work and labour that is well beyond their physical capabilities.


How can you help make the future of these girls better?

Help free her from a life of fear, early child marriage and gift her the freedom to receive an education: the freedom to choose. 

Points for Good empowers you to donate your accumulated loyalty points to help these girls thrive.

Just Rs 1500 can send a girl child to school and educate her for a year.


SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Payback, Gyftr, Citi, Amex, Standard Chartered, cardholders can donate their points with the link below.

Donate link Points for Good


Ways to Donate on the ‘Points for Good’ site

  • Loyalty Points
  • Payment gateway (Cr/ Dr card)
  • Gift a donation (Giftcards)
  • Voucher 


Steps to donate

  • Click this link
  • Select Donate/Redeem
  • Register/Login with Points for Good
  • Select a donation method( above 4 methods).
  • Select a charity and cause.
  • Agree to T&C. Proceed to pay. 

Contact us for any queries info@pointsforgood.org

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