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in Corporates

As a company, your organisation can engage with hundreds of employees in a short period of time to help them give generously and thus strengthen the work of several credible NGOs across the country. Here are some ideas:

Your company can donate to any NGO during Daan Utsav (between October 2 and 8) and post about it on social media, adding '#GivingTuesdayIndia' to the post.

You can invite your employees to donate one day's pay to any NGO that week. 

You can ask your employees to donate one or more days of their earned leave balance to any NGO.

You can match employees' donations to any NGO that week, say up to 20%. 

You can encourage employees to share a giving-related story on social media on October 8, adding '#GivingTuesdayIndia' and #MyGivingStoryIndia to the post.  

You can distribute Random Acts of Kindness chits to employees. (Examples: Tell a security guard how valuable they are. Pay for the coffee/car toll of the person behind you.)

You can set up a Kindness Wall at your office premises and online, and invite employees to share acts of kindness that they engaged in and received.