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in Colleges

For many, their college life has been among their best experiences in life. Here are some ideas on how your college can enable a more memorable time for students by joining the #GivingTuesdayIndia celebrations: Your college can donate to any NGO during Daan Utsav (between October 2 and 8) and post about it on social media, adding '#GivingTuesdayIndia' to the post, or simply inform us about it. You can invite your teachers to donate one day's pay to any NGO that week.  You can invite students to bring items that can be sold that week to the support staff that works at the college for up to Rs 50 per item. You can organise a collection drive at the college of stationery items, clothes and toys in collaboration with NGOs like Goonj, Share At Door Step, etc. You can invite students to draw an act of kindness or make a greeting card and sell it to raise funds for an NGO or support staff member. You can encourage students to share a giving-related story on social media on October 8, adding '#GivingTuesdayIndia' and #MyGivingStoryIndia to the post. Or submit stories on can distribute chits containing Random Acts of Kindness ideas to students and teachers. (Examples: Tell a support staff member how valuable they are. Give a toy to a child on the street. Make a handwritten greeting card to thank the building security guard.) You can set up a Kindness Wall at your college premises, and invite students and teachers to share acts of kindness that they engaged in and received.