- Running Daan Utsav centric campaigns for Fight Hunger Foundation and Habitat for Humanity.
- Partnered with Insider to feature Daan Utsav events on their platform. Already started with 3 events for ConnectFor
- Sending emailers to 8000+ NGOs on Ketto to encourage them to start fundraisers for Daan Utsav
Seva Kitchen encourages everyone to use its app on Android to feed the hungry across India.
Indian Blood donors encourages people across India to take a pledge on the site ( to become a blood donor and save the life of someone else's loved one.
As a part of our campaign 'Dil Ki Suno, Kuch Karo' (Listen to your heart, Do something), special Joy Giving Week Buses will be travelling within cities for material pickups on 2nd October. Money with material is critical to make in-kind donations useful.

The collected material will be used by Goonj to trigger large scale work on water, sanitation, infrastructure, agriculture, migration apart from disaster relief and rehabilitation with rural communities in villages of India.
Donatekart is going to launch its flagship " Big Giving Days " during the Daanutsav. We are planning to run the campaign for a month ( Might start a week before DU ). This time we are preparing to host atleast 100 campaigns from different new & old NGOs. The platform is going to be completely free for the campaigners. We are working with many vendors to give matching donations as well. Matching will happen in the formats of Pay for One We deliver Two, Pay for Two We deliver Three items. This time the matching will happen in all major categories and the final list of items that are up for matching will be disclosed in the coming weeks. We have sentup a target to raise 1 crore worth of material during the DU & Giving Tuesday.
Encouraging young people to get involved in acts of giving.

This 10th year of DaanUtsav, we are choosing 10 cities, 10 NGOs in each city and organizing two events for #GivingTuesdayIndia.

10 clues pointing to 10 NGOs will be given for people to digitally answer them. For every successful completion of the questions, we will sponsor a mid day meal to a child in need. One lucky winner in every city will get an Amazon Kindle.

For every person visiting an NGO from Oct 2-8, anywhere in the country and posting a selfie in front of the name board with #iVisitedanNGO #DaanUtsav #GivingTuesdayIndia, we will provide 10 mid-day meals to children in need. We are targeting 10,000 visits, i.e., 100,000 meals.
Sattva is keen to collaborate and partner with GuideStar India’s - #GivingTuesdayIndia, a #DaanUtsav Celebration, to capture donor specific insights such as donor background, triggers, motivations to give online and offline. Donor user experience of various campaigns, platforms and donor related stories and narratives, etc.

To achieve the above said objective Sattva would like to embed and amplify the efforts of flagship initiatives of the #GivingTuesdayIndia Campaign i.e “#MyGivingStoryIndia”