COAST's Transportation Fundraising Drive: Helping Migrants Reach Home | #GivingTuesdayIndia

COAST's Transportation Fundraising Drive: Helping Migrants Reach Home

"I want to go home!" Do you remember when was the last time you said these words?While you were on a long work tour? After a long vacation? Stranded at an airport because your flight was diverted due to bad weather? When you were hospitalised? While you were sent on a posting to a remote area? After a long and difficult day at work?In the lockdown, you would have heard of your friends and colleagues having spent sleepless nights on hearing their child, partner, parent or loved one stranded in a different city say, "I want to come home".And, we know why, right? Home is where we feel secure, loved and at ease! So what if it is simpler than fancy hotels and exciting locales.In both cases, one knew it was a matter of time. One had the resources to go home when the time would come. One could arrange for food and shelter (in most cases) while waiting.All that millions of Indians stranded in cities are saying is: "I want to go home!" They are pushed to going back home because of no work, so no money to buy food or pay for shelter. Yet we find it so hard to understand their simple ask! Don't feel helpless watching our fellow citizens rushing to catch buses and trains or hopelessly walking their way home.The COAST network is a coalition of NGOs across India that are collaborating with each other to help facilitate movement of migrants wanting to go back home & if you wish to donate to this cause

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