Call someone to talk to them rather than texting. | #GivingTuesdayIndia

Call someone to talk to them rather than texting.

We are so used to communicating through text messages... yes, there are several benefits in doing so. It gives the recipient the time to revert, it gives you the comfort that you are not disturbing the recipient, it is more actionable as the recipient can forward, open a link, respond to you, and it also gives the recipient the option to ignore.However, text messages lack the warmth and excitement of the spoken word and deprive the opportunity to have a conversation. A call gives you the chance to gauge the state of mind of the person you are calling and allows you to express empathy or elation.The next time you reach out to text someone, pause and pick up the phone! Call someone today and have a conversation. Make someone feel better and experience the joy in doing so!#EveryTuesday#GivingTuesdayIndiaMy Giving for #MyBetterBharat